Attachments for chainsaws belt drive. Single or as Set with engine.

These tools provide a whole range of new possibilities from a chainsaw drive. We supply the tools with our own, specially adapted, 4.1 hp chainsaw motor. (The tools may also be retro-fitted to other commercial chainsaws if required.)

EDER Bark Stripper

Quickly strips the bark from logs of any diameter.

EDER Curved Planer

This tool creates a planed finish on logs up to a diameter of 30cm / 12ins.

EDER Flat Planer

This attachment produces a planed finish on rough-sawn planks and renews the surface of weathered wood.

EDER Wire Brush

For the swift removal of old paint  or weathering from  wood  or rust  from metals.

EDER Carving Cutter

The Carving tool is a great new way of sculpting wood. Grooves, waves and hollows can be easily and quickly cut.

EDER Trough Cutter

Designed for quickly carving troughs in logs for animal feeding, this tool can just as easily be turned to making bowls basins and sculptures.

EDER Contour Planer

To shape wood by rapidly removing large amounts of material, this is the  perfect device!