EDER Groove Cutter Chain Drive

The groove cutter becomes a chainsaw Matching sword mounted and like a normal chainsaw driven by a chain. There are no changes to the chainsaw required. Up to three knives, each 10mm wide, can be used can be used to achieve cutting widths of up to 30mm. Area of ​​application: For milling channels and recesses in Wooden surfaces, e.g. B. in the construction of log houses, Children’s playgrounds, carving sculptures and the like Project. The design of the milling head causes a high Cutting performance with minimal effort. On the milling head there are 2 semicircular knives, the ones without Vibration to create a smooth surface. By the minimal Blade protrusion effectively prevents the wood from splitting.

Power Climber
Groove Cutter

Technical Data:

Weight without engine 1,8 kg

Min. required power 1,2 kW

Working width 10mm, 20mm or 30mm

Information for order

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Please pay attention to the correct designation of your sprocket / ring:

  • 3/8″ LP, 3/8″ Micro3/8″ Hobby3/8″ Picco etc. are not compatible to 3/8.
  • 325″ Micro Lite etc. are not compatible too 325″.



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