Precise. Flexible. Simple. This is how we work.

Our employees manufacture parts for our own products and also execute orders for our customers, these orders range from individual components to mass produced components. At EDER Maschinenbau we specialise in the machining of Aluminum castings, the machining process includes general turning, milling and drilling. Our infrastructure enable us to work on a range of other materials as well.

Our infrastructure comprises of:

  • 70 employees
  • Several conventional processing machines

All fixtures (for example, pressure test fixtures) are designed, developed, manufactured and optimized within the company. This enables us to satisfy the customer’s requirements in the shortest possible time. Having several years of experience in CNC machining process enables us to guarantee our customers high flexibility, highest quality and punctual delivery time. Our expertise enables us to foresee the problems that could occur and also efficiently trouble shoot the unforeseen problems.


With our five CNC turning centers we produce individual parts and samples as well as mass produced components. These machines are capable of processing materials such as aluminum, steel, brass, copper and plastics.

Tuning Centres comprise of:

  • Spinner TC 600 (Fanuc Controller, with driven tools)
  • Spinner TC 400 (Fanuc Controller, with driven tools)
  • Spinner TS 660 L (Fanuc Controller, with driven tools)
  • Boehringer (Fanuc Controller, with driven tools)
  • Doosan Puma 280 M
  • Doosan 2100 Y

The max. Workpiece dimensions are:

  • Max. Workpiece diameter: 632 mm
  • Max. Workpiece length: 750 mm

These modern machines empower cost-optimized production. The high tech turning centers provide machining which goes beyond the conventional turning, e.g., decentralized bores, threads or milling work, etc can be performed in a single sitting without additional work in a milling machine. These advanced capabilities play a role in cost optimisation and achieving higher complexities with greater precision.


The 16 machining centers, empower producing individual parts, samples as well as mass produced components as per the customer’s requirements. Materials such as aluminum, steel, brass, copper and plastics can be processed.

Machining Centers comprise of:

  • 11 processing centers Quaser (Fanuc Controller, with 4 axes)
  • 1 processing centers Quaser (Fanuc Controller, with 4 axes and pallet pool)
  • 4 processing centers Brother (Brother controller , with 3 axes)



The max. Travel distances are:

  • X-axis: 1,000 mm
  • Y axis: 610 mm
  • Z axis: 610 mm

Our core competencies at the processing centers lies in the machining of aluminum castings. The machining fixtures are designed and manufactured in-house.

The eight processing centers of the Quaser brand are all compatible with each other. Thus, high flexibility is achieved.