EDER Felling Wedge

The mechanically powered EDER Titan 80 felling wedge is used for harvesting hardwood and is an alternative to heavy-duty wedging. The Titan 80 has the following advantages compared to traditional wedging:

  • The wedge can be readjusted and reset if the lifting height is too low
  • The high lifting capacity and gear ratios allow for energy-saving, ergonomic operation
  • Increased safety when felling on hillsides
  • Risk from falling deadwood is reduced by vibration-free wedging

Technical Data:

Weight 5.7 kg
Length 480 mm
Width 90/120 mm
Height 165 mm
Lifting wedge height 80 mm
Lifting wedge width 90 mm
Wedge feed distance 170 mm
Max. lifting capacity 25 t
Max. torque 300 Nm (corresponds to 70 kg at the ratchet)
Length of the ratchet 400 mm

Information for order:

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