EDER Flat Planer. As attachment or as Set with engine.

The EDER Flat Planer EPH-A56 is designed for planning flat or round wood surfaces (from diameter of 30 cm). The cylindrical design achieves high cutting performance with minimum effort. The blades fastened on the rotating cylinder barrel are continuously adjustable. This makes it possible to adjust the cutting radius as well as cutting depth to the desired chip thickness. Four blades are distributed over two levels on the cylinder which create a smooth surface without any vibrations.

Flat Planer Set is already assembled. For your own chainsaw please see the attachment notes.

Technical Data:

Weight without engine 2,5 kg

Weight with EDER-engine 8,3 kg

Min. required power 1,2 kW

Working width 120 mm

Blade width 30 mm

Number of Blades 4

Max. permissible speed 13.000 /1 min

Ratio 1:1

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