Forestry equipment

The product range of EDER forestry equipment consists of portable winches, felling wedges, various attachments to chainsaws as well as a log splitter and a hydraulic unit.

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Portable winches

The lightweight, portable winches are suitable for synthetic ropes of any length. All units can be used to pull, hold and release the loads and are controlled from a safe distance.

NEW Battery winch available from February 2024

In times of electrification, battery-powered devices are playing an increasingly important role in enabling environmentally friendly and emission-free work. We are therefore pleased to be able to equip the Powerwinch 1200 B with a STIHL battery drive based on the MSA 220 T in the future. This drive unit is powered by the STHIL AP 300 S battery or, for extra powerful performance, by the AP 500 S battery.

Attachments for chainsaws

Our chainsaw attachments are available with chain drive or belt drive for various common chainsaw models. They are also available as complete units. Furthermore, these are also available as complete units.

Log Splitter and Hydraulic Unit

The log splitter is suitable for splitting logs regardless of length and diameter. The hydraulic unit is optimised for use with our hydraulic log splitters. The hydraulic power pack is optimized for use with our hydraulic splitting equipment.

Felling wedges / Jack

Felling wedges and felling jacks are used in timber harvesting and are a safe and effective alternative to heavy wedge work.