EDER - Radio Titan 80

The EDER Radio Titan 80 is a continuation of the proven EDER Titan 80 Pro. It is used in heavy timber harvesting and is an alternative to heavy wedge work. Compared to classic wedges, the EDER Radio Titan 80 has the following advantages:

A press release from SVLFG with our EDER – Funk Titan 80: Timely and safe felling of damaged timber. You can find more info about this here.


Technical specifications

Weight: 8.8 kg
LxWxH: 620 mm x 120 mm x 180 mm
Wedge feed: 160 mm
Stroke / revolution: 3 mm
Max. Lifting force: 25 t
Max. Lifting height: 80 mm
incl. 5 Ah battery

Spare part list

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Weight: 5,6 kg 
LxWxH: 410 mm x 90 mm x 170 mm
Wedge feed: 160 mm 
Stroke / revolution: 3 mm 
Max. Lifting force: 25 t 
Max. Lifting height: 80 mm 

Frequently asked questions

It can be operated from a safe distance of approx. 80 m via radio with a remote control.

The battery supplied is 5 Ah.

Yes, all Milwaukee 18 V batteries can be used.

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