Eye milling cutter

Set of 7 different EDER – Eye milling cutter with different diameters for mounting on Dremel rotary tools, straight grinders or larger cordless screwdrivers. The diameters vary from 10 mm to 40 mm and can be mounted on these machines with the respective collet of 6 mm.

Application area

Eye milling cutter, the name says it all. Ideally suited for milling typical eye features on wooden sculptures such as bears, owls, humans, etc. In addition to the perfectly round shape, high speeds ensure a light burn inside the resulting ring. The shape and appearance of an eye is created. Depending on the pressure and angle applied, the eye features can be customized. If the Eye milling cutter is set at an angle, fine lines can also be burned in for structuring. e.g. in bowls, cups, etc.

Frequently asked questions

The EDER – eye milling cutter can be mounted on machines with the respective collet chuck of 6 mm.

They are made of hardened and burnished tempering steel.

No, only in a set consisting of 7 different EDER – eye milling cutters.

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