For all EDER - Powerwinches

The lightweight, portable winches are suitable for synthetic ropes of any length. The equipment has all the functions such as pulling, holding and releasing the load and they are controlled from a safe distance from the equipment.

Here you will find the necessary accessories for your EDER Powerwinches from rope to transportable rucksack or to optimise the traction force.

All accessories for our EDER - Powerwinches at a glance

Contains all components needed for direct pulling in ground traction or for traction doubling, as well as for the transport of EDER – Powerwinches.

Rope soft shackle

to. Tractive force 4 t

Round sling

perm. Tractive force 2 t

Back chain

8 mm, 3 m long perm. Tractive force 4 t

Shackle with grub screw

perm. Tractive force 2 t

North wall hook

perm. Tractive force 2 t

Rope with thimble for powerwinch 1800

in 50 and 100 m, breaking load 5100 daN Ø 13 mm

Rope with thimble for Powerwinch 400, 500, 1200

in 50 and 100 m, breaking load 3600 daN Ø 9.5 mm

Rope bag for the ropes

Volume: 45 L
max. Load capacity: 19 kg

EDER - Powerwinch Bag for the winches

Volume: 100 L
max. Load capacity 25 kg

EDER - Idler pulleys

With the EDER – single, double or triple pulleys for ground traction, especially in combination with the EDER – Powerwinches, an extremely powerful rope system can be built up, which can be carried comfortably by hand.

The EDER – deflection pulleys are characterized by attachment points on both sides. When pulling hangers, a deflection pulley can be installed in the rope line as an additional “loose pulley” and thus increase the pulling force by a factor of up to 7 (with a triple deflection pulley) or 5 and 3 (with double and single deflection pulleys). With an appropriate setup, a tractive force of 12.6 tons can be achieved with our EDER- Powerwinch 1800.

1-fold idler pulley

1,9 kg, Payload: 5.5 t, max. Rope diameter: 9 mm - 13mm

2-fold idler pulley

2.6 kg, payload: 9 t., max. rope diameter: 9 mm - 13 mm

3-fold idler pulley

4 kg, payload: 12.6 t, max. Rope diameter: 9 mm - 13 mm

Pulley Steel

2.7 kg, payload: 3.6 t, max. Rope diameter: 9 mm - 13 mm

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