Felling wedges / Jack

EDER - Felling wedges / EDER - Jack

Our EDER – felling wedge family consists of the EDER – Titan 80 Pro, the EDER – Funk Titan 80 and the smaller version EDER – Titan 50. As well as new come our EDER – Jack.

EDER - Titan 80 Pro

It is used in heavy timber harvesting and is an alternative to heavy wedge work.

EDER - Radio Titan 80

It can be operated from a safe distance (approx. 80 m) via radio with a remote control.

EDER - Titan 50

It is the smaller version of the proven EDER - Titan 80 Pro.

EDER - Jacks

Felling jacks are an aid in the accidental felling of trees.

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