Portable winches

EDER - Powerwinches

The lightweight, portable winches are suitable for synthetic ropes of any length. All units can be used to pull, hold and release the loads and are controlled from a safe distance.

The light one

The EDER Powerwinch 500 is the flyweight among the EDER Powerwinches.

The fast one

The EDER - Powerwinch 400 is the fast runner among the EDER - Powerwinches.

The all-rounder

The EDER Powerwinch 1200 is the all-rounder among EDER Powerwinches.

the battery winch

The EDER - Powerwinch 1200 B is the new battery winch under the EDER - Powerwinches.

The strong one

What makes the EDER Powerwinch 1800 so convincing is its lightness and great power.

Advantages compared to conventional products:

Drive via centrifugal clutch

All EDER Powerwinches are driven via a centrifugal clutch. This means that the capstan stops as soon as the user releases the throttle. With conventional winches, the capstan continues to run at idle speed. This causes the rope to rub on the capstan and wear out or the load to move unintentionally.

Equipped with rope brake

All EDER Powerwinches are equipped with a rope brake. As soon as the user releases the rope (intentionally or unintentionally), the rope brake is activated. The load stops immediately and cannot slip back.

Constructed according to standards and guidelines applicable in Germany

All EDER Powerwinches are constructed and certified according to applicable standards and guidelines.

High flexibility

Enables working in any position.

Accessories for EDER Powerwinches

Here you will find the necessary accessories for your EDER Powerwinches from rope to transportable rucksack or to optimise the traction force.

Fields of application


Pull heavy loads in places that cannot be accessed by heavy machineries and supports tree falling operations.


Rescue vehicles that endured an accident and also stuck vehicles


Recovery of hunted animals


Transportation of construction materials, enables the safe and controlled movement of wires and pipes

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