ESF1 Carving Cutter

With the EDER – disc milling machine ESF1 you are able to mill out grooves and depressions in wood quickly and easily. The EDER ESF1 disc milling machine can thus be used for the production of troughs, for sculptural or even tree surgery work. The knives are arranged so that the tool can be used for performing work both in the longitudinal and transverse direction of the milling head. A guide is provided for milling straight grooves in longitudinal direction. Two knives are fitted on the milling head, producing a smooth surface without any vibrations.

Technical specifications for complete set

Weight with Active engine: 7.8 kg
Drive power: 3.0 kW / 4.1 hp
Working width: 30 mm
Number of knives: 2
Max. Speed: 13.000 1/min

Technical data for attachment

Weight: 1.8 kg
Min. drive power: 1.5 kW / 2.0 hp
Working width: 30 mm
Number of knives: 2

Mounting note

The complete set is delivered fully assembled. For your own chainsaw, please refer to our mounting instructions.

Operating instructions

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For attachments with belt drive, you need a clutch drum and a support in addition to the head. We therefore ask you to inform us of the exact model of your chainsaw.
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