EPH-C planer

With the EDER – planer EPH-C you plane even surfaces of any type of wood. The design of the planing roll results in a high and easily controllable chipping performance with minimum effort. The planing head is placed on the flat guide plate that swings around the rotation axis of the roller.

The knives mounted on the planing roller are infinitely adjustable, allowing a chip thickness of up to 1mm to be achieved.

Technical specifications

Weight: 2,4 kg
Min. drive power: 2.0 kW / 2.7 hp
Working width: 120 mm
Number of knives: 4


The attachment is possible for the following availableOregon models:
for 8mm: K041; K095; A095 & A074
for 12mm: D025 & D009

Attachments are not compatible with chainsaws having a sprocket/chainring working with 3/8 LP, 3/8 Micro, 3/8 Hobby, 3/8 Picco, 325 MicroLite etc. Alternative sprockets/chainrings with 3/8″ or 325″ pitch are available from third party suppliers for some chainsaw models.


A 3/8″ or 325″ pitch is required for mounting the attachment to the chainsaw. Please specify when requesting via the form.

Operating instructions

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