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The Wolfenbüttel-based family business EDER – Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1970 by Wolfgang Eder.

We employ 70 people in the different areas of contract manufacturing, including fixture construction, CNC turning, CNC drilling, CNC milling, quality assurance, leak testing and assembly.

The production consists of 11 milling centres, 7 turning centres and 5 drilling centres as well as an extra area for training. Another area is the company’s own products, which are developed in-house and produced within the company. Today, the company runs 5 production halls.

EDER entered the market with its own products in 1972 and has been developing them ever since. They include portable winches of various performance classes, splitting equipment, felling wedges, various attachments to chain saws as well as the EDER – Power Climber. We are always very proactive and are constantly developing new or improved products for agriculture, forestry, the timber industry and the emergency services.

View of office building and production hall

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EDER – Maschinenbau GmbH is an established family business. We develop, produce and sell high-quality forestry equipment worldwide. As a constantly growing company, we need your support in our team.

Company development from the beginnings until today

  • 1970

    Foundation of the company EDER - Maschinenbau by Ing. Wolfgang Eder

  • 1972

    Start of EDER attachments with belt drive

  • 1980

    Construction of an office building and the 1st production hall in Wolfenbüttel

  • 1988

    Construction of the 2nd production hall

  • 2008

    Development and market launch of the EDER Powerwinch 500

  • 2009

    EDER - Maschinenbau GmbH with the managing director Ulrich Schrader

  • 2011

    3rd production hall and new QA area

    Development and market launch of the EDER Powerwinch 1800

  • 2013

    Certification according to ISO 9001:2008

  • 2016

    Development and market launch of the EDER Powerwinch 400 & EDER Powerwinch 1200

  • 2017

    Rental of hall 4 with the creation of a new training centre

  • 2018

    Construction of the 5th production hall

    Development and market launch of the EDER Titan 80 felling wedge

  • 2020

    Development and market launch of the EDER attachments with chain drive

  • 2021

    Development and launch of the EDER Power Climber

  • 2022

    Leasing of hall 6 with the creation of a new storage hall

    Development and market launch of the EDER Radio Titan 80

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